Closer everyday.

So, been writing on one of my novels for two hours. Haven’t wrote much but I have gotten somewhere. Hopefully by three months one of my novels will be halfway finished! And maybe by the end of this year one will be done. I seriously need to have one finished. I need my dreams to be here now. Working retail is really bumming me out. I know it is helping me get to where I want to be. But, I wish I could be there now.

But, I have hope and know where I am going to be. I just have to keep reaching for it! I will have it. No matter how hard it gets. Lately life has been stressful and scary. I feel confused and lost but I still know what I want it life and I am still going for it.  It saddens me that  I am really no where in life and that I feel so empty. I am grateful for what I have in life and I am happy I have a  job but it feels as if it is taking so long to get where I want to be. I should be there now… but I am weak in ways and it is taking longer than I thought. I just want so much… and right now life is not going the way I want it but I hope that whatever happens that it is the best and will be… what I hope.

My muse is off track and I am trying my best to stay focused and write. But, some days it is hard. Nevertheless, I am not giving up. It is my dream and I will get it.

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