The Watcher. Charles Part one.

Hello everyone! Here is a short story I wrote! It is about a character from a novel/movie I am writing. He is not a main character in those and not seen as important. However, I wanted to write from someone else’s point of view in those stories.  So if you will please take a few minutes to read my short story! Like and share! Thank you so much. A novel will come soon!

MA rating!

The sun was hot on the horizon as a late cool rain began to softly dance onto the stone pathway. The arch overhead was packed with moss that was growing through the cracks of the cream covered stones. Rain drizzled through the cracks and landed on Charles’ new black suit. He sighed heavily as another raindrop bounced off his shoulder and landed on his leather shoes. Today was supposed to be his day off; he was supposed to be on Ian with Nina at the bar, sipping on Hazard 16s laughing about nonsense.

Instead he was walking through an abandoned boarding school on Earth getting his new suit wet and his shoes dirty. He wanted to be anywhere else… It did not matter where as long as he was not here. He was human but had not been born on Earth and somehow Charles felt as if everyone he walked past knew. They’d give him strange looks and mumble under their breath as he brushed past them. Charles hated coming to Earth however, unlike most humans who were born on Ian Charles did not hate Earth because of all their harsh laws and regulations but because he was jealous of it.

All the things others hated about Earth and ran from here were exactly what Charles loved about it. He dreamed of saving enough money to propose to Nina and whisk her to some small blue house on a hill in some hick country on Earth. However, Charles always had something in his way or something else he had to use his money for. It all kept him from getting the one thing he wanted most, freedom. Others would roll their eyes at Charles or laugh at him. People escaped to the alien planet Ian for freedom not to Earth. Ian did not have man laws or rules and was run by the rich. You could do pretty much whatever you wanted unlike on Earth.

Charles wanted what was on Earth. With laws ther came protection and justices. If he had been born on Earth then his father would have been put away for beating his mother to death instead of walking away with a smirk on his face tossing a gold chip in one hand and waving back at Charles with the other. He would be rotting in jail and his mother would be resting in peace but that did not happen. On Ian any excuse was good enough when you knew the right people.

Charles took in a deep breath of fresh air and gazed up at the darkening sky and studied the Wind Filters that floated peacefully with the gray clouds. They were a beautiful sight to see and it made Charles smile knowing that Earth would not die from pollution. He did not know the whole story. However he did know that years ago some young unknown scientist saved the world from dying from the toxins humans put on it.   Everything the Wind Filters took in, no matter how bad or nasty, they turned it into fresh healthy oxygen. Without these large oval cyan colored hot air balloons Earth would surly have withered and died long ago.

He brushed his dark fingers through his brown hair and sighed as he turned a corner down the pathway. The old crumbling boarding school must have been something fancy at one point. It looked like one of those castles in the fairy tale books his mother used to read to him before bed. Charles stared at the school’s broken windows that had been taken over by nature and frowned. He wondered whose dreams had been lost when this place was destroyed.

“Charles cut the shit and hurry up!” Rowland shouted from ahead of him. Charles’ eyes slid towards the voice and saw Rowland standing with his arms crossed and  a sneer of annoyance on his face. Rowland was a tall broadly man with tan skin and an ugly round face. He had trained Charles three years ago and had once been a small strong kind man with a nice thin smile. Now wrinkles covered his aging face and his black hair was almost replaced by a shiny bald head. He had hatred in his voice now and it made Charles feel even more ill inside.

Charles did not make any effort to move faster and did not answer Rowland. He just walked around Rowland who smelled like cigarettes and sour milk. Rowland grunted as Charles walked past him. Charles just wanted him to go away and leave him be. There was no reason for Charles to even be here today. They did not need five goonies to do a one man jobs. Besides they always got Mac to do all the dirty work while everyone else just stood around holding their guns acting like they were the shit.

Charles could smell the piss before he saw Mandy and Johnathan and prepared himself for the worst. As they rounded a large stone wall Charles could hear Mandy moaning and crying and Johnathan begging for mercy. He swallowed hard and his body tensed as they walked through a broken doorway into a small plaza area. Two large men with dark clothing stood together with rifles. They paid no mind to Charles and Rowland as they wandered past them. The floor in the plaza had been overgrown with grass and weeds and the few stone tables and benches had been smashed to pieces by something.

The roof had caved in many years ago and let in the light cold rain and the once beautiful fountain in the middle of the room was now covered in blood. Lana was standing to the left side with her pistol in her hand while she stared off down an empty hallway that led into the school. Her caramel colored skin made her look ravishing in the red and black tight dress she wore. When she noticed Charles staring she sneered and rolled her eyes. Rowland stopped walking and let out a chuckle as he stared down at Mandy and Johnathan.

The two were both next to the fountain sitting in their own blood and piss. Mandy was hunched over the fountain crying softly as she held onto her sides. Her pale skin was badly bruised and she had a large gash in her back. Her hair had random bald spots covered with scabs. And her clothes had been torn leaving nothing to the imagination. She was too skinny for Charles though and her high pitched voice always pissed him off. Nevertheless, he could not help feeling sorry for her and the way she shook back and forth made his stomach turn.

Johnathan’s face had been beat in and Charles would not have recognized him if he had not known who they were coming to see. One eye was completely swollen shut while the other was full of blood. Charles was sure Johnathan could not see him but he had a sick feeling that those dark eyes could see Charles’s hazel ones.  Johnathan’s left leg had been broken and a bone was sticking out, he was lying on his side reaching with one hand, his lips were moving but all that came out were strange groans.  Thunder roared in the sky above and Charles gazed upwards and shivered at the thought of a storm.

Then she walked in. Charles could hear her heels clicking on the stone floor before he saw her. He knew it was her by the sweet smell of cinnamon and wild flowers. He knew she would be here as always but every single time she appeared it would make Charles bowls turn. She was a wicked woman with a homely girl next door look. She could make any man or woman weak at the knees. She was not human and because of this she had some strange power or whatever the hell it was… it made people want her and fear her all at once. Charles always forced his eyes away from her. Not all people could fall under her spell but most could and Charles could not take that chance.

He could feel her coming up behind him and he knew she could sense his fear and wondered if she could tell what he had been thinking earlier; His thoughts of running away with Nina… from all this sick hell and into a free life. He started to sweat and squeezed his hands together. He did not blame Mandy and Johnathan for running away and wanting to live a real life. However, they did screw up when they decided to steal a shipment of goods. They may have been able to get away if they had not made that mistake.

He heard her stop and he could feel her standing next to him and he knew she was doing it on purpose. She always screwed with him like this because she knew he was scared of her. The others pretended not to fear her or give a damn but Charles could see it in their eyes. The way Lana darted her eyes back and forth from the hall to the fountain.  The way the two men at the door refused to look behind them and the way Rowland only glanced at the woman to give her a quick smile then looked away.

Charles felt his heart racing and hoped he did not look pale. He was not sure if he should say something or just kick Johnathan to show he agreed with what was happening. Though he felt she probably knew that would just be for show too. Finally she moved forward. She looked as if she danced across the floor with her black heels and tight small black dress that was slit down her back and side. Her hair was a darker shade of pink today and her nails were bright red and when she looked back at Charles his breath caught in his throat.

Her lips parted but she did not speak she only gave a sweet smile with her thin lips and eyed him with bright violet yellow eyes. Charles felt himself step back and regretted it. He could hear Lana laughing and Rowland snicker. Her face was thin but full and she had a few freckles on her round nose.  She tossed her hair behind her right ear with a thin pale arm and a poisonous chuckle slipped through those lovely lips.

Charles wanted to piss himself. Just that second of those eyes on him had made his head spin and blood rush. He wanted to run up to her and take her where she stood and he bit his bottom lip for that. He hated her. And wished she had died off with the rest of her breed.

She stood in front of Johnathan and that was when Mac pushed past Charles almost knocking him over to join her. Mac looked back with his gray eyes and spat at Charles feet. Mac was a large overweight man with high blood pressure. He also was covered in blood and Charles did not have to ask whose it was. Johnathan shook as Mac reached down and pulled him to his feet. Johnathan let out a painful scream as his broken leg smacked onto his other.

Johnathan had snot and blood pouring from his nose and was shaking badly. He reached out for the woman in front of him begging her but screamed when Mac snapped his wrist.  Lana let out a sick laugh and Rowland rubbed his face smiling. Charles felt sick at their enjoyment. Maybe Johnathan deserved a good ass whooping but not this… not this hell. Charles wanted to put him out of his misery now.

“Please Rabbit… please,” Jonathan choked on blood. His voice was so hoarse it made Charles gasp. How was he even speaking? With all the pain he was in Charles was shocked he was even moving. Rabbit touched one of her fingers to Johnathan’s bloody chin making Johnathan wiggle in Mac’s grip.

“Do you want me to make this stop?” Her voice was like a hot spring running through a frozen forest. At least that was the only way Charles knew how to explain it. It was calm and low and sweet. But it was lies and poison. Thunder roared in the sky again and Charles started to worry about lighting.

When Johnathan did not answer, Rabbit stepped back and shook her head slowly making a soft tisking sound. She gestured her head towards Mandy. Mac tossed Johnathan onto the floor and Charles heard Johnathan’s already broken bone snap. Johnathan let out a horrific scream and Charles finally looked away and stared at Lana. She wasn’t looking either. Mac walked to Mandy and she let out a screech and started to scream and kick. She stopped when Mac punched her in the gut.

Mac tossed her in front of Rabbit and Mandy threw up until nothing was left. She cried as she wrapped her arms around her bony body begging for them to let her go. Mac cracked his knuckles and waited for orders.  Rabbit took in a deep breath and placed one hand onto her soft plushy hip.

“Do you want me to make it stop Johnathan?” Rabbit hissed at Mandy. Charles looked at Johnathan as he tried to roll over and crawl towards them. He let out many cries as he clawed at the floor ripping fingernails out. Finally he stopped and just let out a loud scream. It sounded like the word no but Charles was not for sure.

Finally Rabbit looked over at Johnathan and asked sweetly, “All you have to do is say the words and it will all stop.”

It felt like forever as Johnathan took in her threat. Charles felt cold rain drops hit his arms and face. They felt nice as they rolled down his sweaty skin. When he looked back Mac was now holding Mandy again and the poor small woman was shivering so badly Charles thought she’d fall from his arms. Mandy was sobbing but she could not move because Mac had his large arms around her body. Her arms were pinned to her sides and she had no energy to try and fight him. She just stood there in his arms shaking and crying and waiting for it all to end.

When Johnathan refused to answer, Mac pulled out plyers and forced Mandy’s mouth open. She screamed and tried to toss her hands up but she had no power in Mac’s arms. Johnathan clamped one of her front teeth between the plyers. Mandy let out a shriek as Mac yanked the tooth out. Charles gritted his own teeth and shut his eyes as he heard the disgusting sound of the tooth being ripped from gums. He held back vomit and started to breath heavily. He had been through a lot in the last three years but this always got to him.

Johnathan started to scream words Charles could not understand and Mandy was freaking out in Mac’s arms.  Charles looked over at Lana again and he noticed she was rocking. Rowland however was laughing and wiping tears from his eyes. Charles cursed him under his breath.

“Please! Okay! Please!” Johnathan begged through a swollen tongue.   He reached up towards Mandy and his face was drowning in tears.  Charles could only imagine what kind of pain he was going through. Charles thought of Nina and it made him want to stop this horror but he just stood there pale and sick. Rabbit turn towards Johnathan and placed her hands behind her back waiting with a malicious smile.

“Bradly Howell…!” He has the shipment… don’t know what he did with it. We just got the money please I swear,” Johnathan choked on blood and spat it out. He tried to wipe his mouth but failed when he fell on his face. It took everything inside him to look back up at Rabbit.

“Please… it is all we know,” Johnathan cried.  Rabbit had no expression on her face when she narrowed her eyes down at Johnathan. Charles was not sure if it was from disgust or satisfaction. Rabbit looked over at Charles with an all knowing stare. It made Charles knees weak. She turned and walked towards Mandy and Mac and placed her hands on her hips.

“Freedom… is the pain you go through really worth it.” It was not a question but something else and the way her eyes glassed over Charles wondered if she had been remembering something. She turned sharply back towards Johnathan and smacked her lips together.

“When you sign our contact it is for ten years not four. The only way out of it is if you pay it off or do something to amaze Queen and she lets you go… ” Her voice trailed off with indifference before she continued with the kindest smile, “Or you die. There is no other way. You both knew this.”

She turned towards Charles again and started to walk toward him then she stopped. It felt as if her violet yellow eyes were staring straight into his soul. He was too scared to move.  She closed her eyes and Charles let out a sigh of relief.

“Rowland please go inform Dylan that he needs to have a talk with Bradly Howell. Mac make sure their faces are unrecognizable.” She gave Mac an unpleasant stare before nodding her head at the others letting them know they could leave. Mandy began to scream as Johnathan started to shout curses. Rabbit walked in front of Charles and stared at him with a blank expression that frightened him.

He looked up at the hole in the roof and felt his body shake as he gazed at a dark cloud. A chilly wind blew in with quiet rain and Charles wished for thunder to drown out the screams. He heard Mac smash Mandy’s face onto the floor before he tossed her to the side. Charles did not have to see Mac stomping Johnathan’s face in because he heard the muffled cry followed by the crunch. He felt as if he were going to vomit and faint. He had seen such horrible things but no matter how many times he went through this it was always the same. He wanted to disappear, he could not take the horror. It made him sick.

He knew the drug business was a scary reality however he never expected so many people to be so heartless and cold. How could so many people stand by and let things like this happen? Yes Johnathan was a snitch and would easily stab you in the back and Mandy was a lying cheating whore but neither one of them deserved this.

Charles finally looked back down when he heard Mac dragging the two faceless bodies down a narrow dark hallway behind the fountain. Thunder roared in the sky again and Charles began to wonder why he was even there. He had done nothing to contribute to this interrogation except to be part of the audience. He sighed heavily and avoided eye contact with Rabbit as she stood there like an elegant statue.

“You do not agree?” Her voice slipped under Charles skin and buried itself deep. She did not sound threatening but kind and caring and that made Charles worry the most. He glanced quickly at those large round eyes of hers and back down at the large pool of blood behind her. His hands tightened and once again he regretted signing that stupid ten year contact. But, how else was he going to pay off his debt to Ian? Move Nina to Earth?

Before he could say anything Rabbit turned slightly from him and sighed softly.

“It is so unnecessary,” her voice was low with a hint of remorse. It made Charles look at her and frown. Rabbit looked back at him and her face was hard but sad. Charles made eye-contact and felt his mind being dug into. He looked down at his feet to the small trail of blood that was making its way to his shoes.

“Why do it then?” Charles voice cracked and he hated how scared he sounded. He refused to look at her again and even stepped back to move away from her. He was pretty sure she could not beat him in a fight but he did not want to take any chances. He could sense her thin lips moving and her hair flowing behind her and that sexy dress on her… it sent goose bumps down his back.

“Curiosity.” She answered flatly. She almost sounded disappointed in her answer. Charles wanted to know more and what she meant but did not want to push her. He just wanted to get back to Nina and bury his face in her chest and cry. Of course he could never let Nina see him cry… he did not want her knowing how scared and weak he was inside.

Rabbit started to walk away but stopped when she got next to him. He heard her breathing and swore he could hear her heart beat sing with the sound of the rain. She placed a warm soft hand on his shoulder and his whole body stiffened.

“The reason she sent you here is so you could see and know.” Her words were like a sharp knife digging into his skin. He looked over at her with wide eyes and saw the all-knowing expression in her beautiful eyes. She smiled gracefully before he listened to her heels click on the stone floor and turn into echoes in the distance.

He felt his heart drop into his stomach and he finally took in a deep breath of air. He felt tears in his eyes and covered his mouth with one hand. How could they have found out? He had only just started to think about running before Johnathan and Mandy did. It was always there in the back of his mind but he never wanted to act on it. He had only talked about it once to a very young blond bar tender when he was drunk. Had she told?

It was only a stupid thought. He was not actually going to try and run… he looked at the pool of blood and bit his bottom lip. At least now he knew he was not going to try and run. He could not bear to watch Nina be tortured and murdered. And he sure as hell did not want to go through that pain. He gritted his teeth and cursed that damn woman… that horrible monster. The one they all called Queen. He had once thought she was the most amazing loving person until he saw the real Queen. The one who was sick and twisted and enjoyed watching others in pain. She was selfish and insane and somehow was the Queen of Xiea on Ian.  How the hell was everyone so stupid? How did she become so powerful?

Charles gave the thick pools of blood one last long thoughtful look before turning away. He had to somehow suck it up and live with this until his contract was finished. Otherwise, he would suffer just as these two pathetic idiots did. He would have to pretend he enjoyed working for a maniac and liked watching people suffer before dying.

When he was outside again he gave the sun a long look and prayed to a God he did not believe in for a chance to live the rest of his life here with Nina. It was all he ever wanted. If he could survive the next few years he would finally be free… free to live a life with laws and justice.

Charles took in the beauty around him before getting into a small black car with Nina and the two guards. He decided he would just have to put on a show as long as he could until he found a way out alive.



By Coushatta LaRue.

Thank you so much for reading! Like and share it with others if you please!

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