Changes coming soon…

I will be making a lot of changes to this website very soon so it’s probably going to be a bit unorganized and a mess. However it will only be for a little while as I work on it.

My goal is to make it look clean but also stylish and easy to use. Hopefully very soon I’ll also be able to start selling my novel on here and when my next novel is released that too. Right now I don’t get a lot from CreateSpace and Amazon when I sell my novel on there. However when I start selling it on my own website I’ll make the full profit.
I’m really excited about my plans and ideas for marketing my novel. Nevertheless, I’m also scared. I’m really hoping I can get my novel into Hastings entertainment but right now I’m donating it to libraries. I’ll be getting flyers and cards also to give out to people  to help get my name out there. Plus, I’ll be blogging more on my website. Once it’s completely updated of course.
I’m really proud of myself through all of my struggles and even with my learning disabilities I was able to write my own novel and publish it myself. It may not be perfect but I do love it. I’m really hoping that I can make this my full career soon. I know some things take time and I have to be patient even though that’s really hard. I know that what is worth it doesn’t come easy.

Of course I would love to own my own doggie daycare as well. That takes a lot of money though. Someday I hope I can have that plus my novels as/or even just one of them as a best seller. And I’d love to see my novels turned into a movie on the big screen. I know my dreams are quite big and wild but I believe in them. And I’m dedicated and determined to make them happen… be able to have them as my own job and live comfortably.

I just have to not give up and keep trying even when I fail. I know what I want and I know where I want to be. I just have to believe in myself and my writing. I love telling stories and seeing people enjoy them. I’m not going to give up on this. This is my world and my dream and I’m making this happen right now, one step at a time. I just have to be calm and patient and enjoy what I have now while working on what I want.

Dreams only work if you do.

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