Sorry for the mess!

I am  Currently working on my website. So is going to be looking quite messy and unorganized at the moment. Vamping up my website is a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be. However please be patient with me… it’ll look very good once I’m finished. Thank you!

Also I just ordered some business cards for myself plus it has The Embers of Amour on it. They look really cool and I’ll be getting them in about a week. I’m hoping friends and family and fans will help me spread them around so I can get more recognized. I’ll be trying to get flyers and bookmarks real soon too.

Hopefully real soon I’ll be able to start selling my novels on my own website. I’ll definitely enjoy getting the full profit when I do. But things take time. Hoping to get this done within the next couple of weeks.

I have been in a little writer’s block. Nothing terrible. However, I have been writing on the second book to the Amour serious and writing on two other series. I am trying to get them done so I can have more books published within a month or two. Some may just be ebooks. Which is okay. I’m really excited and I’m hoping to be finished real soon with the second book of Amour.

Thank you to all of my supporters.

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