Business cards!

I have business cards now! I love them. They look very professional and awesome. My goal is to give them to libraries and bookstores or anywhere else I can put them. Thinking of leaving them in books at stores too. I’ve seen other people do that before. Also where I work I find peoples business cards quite a lot stashed and random places.

I always read them to see what they’re about. I’m hoping that my family and friends and others will help support me and promote me. All they have to do is ask for some and I’ll send them and they can put them wherever to help me get noticed. Course I’m afraid that I’m probably going to be doing most of the work for this.

I’m still working on my website. It is still bit of a mess. It’s been quite difficult trying to figure out how to make it look more professional. I’m hoping soon that I’ll have it looking good and that I’ll be able to sell my paperback novels on here too. I’m working hard at trying to promote myself. I want to make this my only career and very soon.

If you want some cards please let me know!!



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