Business cards and blog.


I still have a lot of business cards! If anyone wants to help me give them out or put them in stores, just let me know. I think they’re very professional looking and really awesome. I’m going to be working on getting bookmarks and flyers and even a t-shirt and maybe a bumper sticker too. Working on a lot of marketing tools.

I am trying very hard to get my name out there. I want this to be my only job. I am grateful for my job I have now however it is not what I want to do forever. Creating is my dream! I hope someday my novels will become a movie on the big screen! Plus, I’d like to own a doggie daycare too.

I am little sad at the lack of support I am getting. Not many people want to help… I knew this would happen. I know I have to do most the work myself. I will remember the ones who are helping me though hehe.

I am going to try and fix the formatting of The Embers of Amour. It is not horrible however I want it to look its best. Even if I have to spend a little money on fixing it. I am having a bit of trouble fixing my website. I want it to be nice yet I am not so great at this website editing…

I do not want to pay someone because I am trying to save money however it may come down to that. So I am sorry for how my website looks at the moment. Also hoping to figure out how to sell my novel on here. I really want to make FULL PROFIT on it. It sucks only getting $3 per book.

Anyway… I am doing well on writing on the second novel and hope it will be finsihed soon. My other goal is to finish two more novels and few short stories. I just have to write and not be lazy.

Dreams only work if you do! I must do this. I will have freedom and my dream come true. 🙂

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