Waiting and waiting… so much waiting!


I know things like this take time… and getting noticed does not happen over night. Though I’d love it! Right now all I can do is write and publish more and market a lot! It is good yet I get sad knowing I have to wait.

My life is good and I have a nice paying job yet writing is what I want to do full-time and somedays I get so blue because it is not my only job. Also I’d love to open my own doggie daycare! I am researching ideas and making a business plan for it because I love the idea. I’ve worked at a doggie daycare before and it was amazing.

My long term goal is to be a best seller of course and have my novels turn into movies! I’d love to make movies and comic books too and someday video games. However, for now I have to stick to writing and waiting… it is such a pain. I cannot wait for things and it drives me crazy.

I am going to try and focus on how far I’ve come, what I have now, and knowing that I am aimming for something higher. All I can do is wait and write. I am doing well on my second novel to The Embers of Amour. The Ashes of Amour. I am happy about that. I am going to try to write a short romance-type novel and young adult and many others. The more novels I come out with the more likly I will get noticed and can do this full-time.

I know it is hard to get noticed and it is sad but I believe in myself and my stories. Just have to relax and write and try harder everyday! And nothing wrong with wishful thinking!!! *fingers crossed come on lottory!*

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