The fans are excited! Well… the stuffed ones are…



Well at least these guys are very excited!  I am trying to update my laptop in hopes it will stop all the annoying freezing on my word. I am doing very well at writing right now and it is making me feel good. However, when your word freezes every few words it is hard to get anything done! It seems when I get really into writing it just decides, “Ah you are into this right? WELL TAKE A FREEZE!”


Sigh I am so hoping this windows 10 update helps because I really am into writing my second novel and that is great. I get writer’s block so easily and it scares me. I am doing very well on The Ashes of Amour and I feel as if I may finish it by the end of this month! Fingers crossed! I have had a few people tell me they have read The Embers of Amour in just one or two days and they loved it. I am very happy and nervous about this… I feel a lot of expectations on me for the second one now! Making me worried! Though I love the new story of the Ashes of Amour. I just have to finish!

I want to write way more and on new titles but I also want to finish the Amour series. I hear having a series helps you get noticed faster. I am wanting to write on another sci-fi series (A few), a young adult, and even an erotica. It’s just I have no idea which ones to focus on! I know all of the stories yet actually focusing on just one is so hard… I am really trying though. More novels will help me very much.

Right now I am focusing on marketing myself more. I am passing out business cards and so are a few of my family members. I a bit down I have only sold one book this month.. but it is better than none right? I am using vistaprint for ideas and they are awesome! But, all comes down to if people will help promote me and it seems people don’t really want to help. Only a few will offer and help and I am so grateful for them. I know I have to do this all myself and it is really hard but as long as I keep trying I can do this.

I am going to try to get bookmarks, shirts, and pens. Thinking of other random things. But, the most important thing is writing more. I am always thinking of my stories and hardly writing and that has to stop. Thinking is not going to write them. I want to finish Amour first but I really need more titles. I want this as my full time job… very soon. I do not hate my current job. It is good but what I truly want in life is writing and of course a doggie day care.

I am always worried my dyslexia and other problems will make it hard for me to get fans and noticed. I feel as if they are disadvantages… even though they help me become more creative. It is hard to write sometimes and very hard to focus. However, I will use these disabilities as a way to push me to do better and try harder. I can do this… I just need to focus on writing more so I can have more titles out  so I can be known.

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