Waiting and waiting…



I know it will take time for my novels to be noticed but it is painful sometimes. I love writing and I want to make it my full time job yet I also know many others wish this too. I sometimes feel like all of this is so pointless because I feel no one will ever notice me. I don’t need to become famous crazy but to be able to live on my writings would be wonderful.

I am doing well writing on my second novel. However, I need to try and market better. I’ve asked people to help me but not many have. I know I cannot rely on many and just myself to help promote me. It hurts sometimes though. I am looking at making bookmarks now and maybe more business cards. Though sometimes feels pointless when no one knows me and will just toss me. I wish people would give me a chance but I know I can’t force anyone to read my novels.I also know I have to be stronger because rejection is a big thing with this career.

I am looking into buying more self-published novels myself. So I can help others just like me.

I am very tired right now but I am  going to try and write a lot later. I went to Louisiana Sunday afternoon and came home yesterday. It was nice seeing family but the drive was so long and rough and I am so worn out from it. I also had an allergic reaction to some clean sheet so I am so itchy and I could not sleep last night… sigh… my hands are still very itchy. And I just want to go back to bed and sleep more… I was up until 2:30am itching in bed until I put cream all over me and took some Advil pm then I finally passed out. Though I did not get enough sleep.

I know this is all about waiting and promoting but sometimes I wish it was easier and things could speed up. Yet it is not up to me… and I have to wait and hope people will give me a chance. But, most people will not give someone they have never heard of a chance. I have done this before sadly… and now I think differently of it. I just hate waiting when I know I am meant for more.

The more I write the better chance I have and maybe I will be lucky like some others and get noticed very soon… a girl can dream right?

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