Self doubt and struggles!


This photo hits me hard. I love my stories but after awhile I think, “Wow this is so boring.” And I become very down. Yet this picture is right… I have gone over my stories millions of times in my head. I know this story like the back of my hand!! Of course it may seem a bit blah at some points. I should not doubt myself… though it is there because of fear. Yet the only thing we should fear is fear itself.

I wrote nine pages last night when my stupid word would let me. It keeps freezing and it is driving me crazy. I bought a new laptop so I could write more without lag and now this. Have no idea if it is word or my laptop. However, I am pretty sure it is my word. I keep reading ways to fix it and sometimes it seems it works then BOOM freezes. Ugh! It is a struggle and kills my buzz. I am trying to finish Amours second novel and this makes it hard!

I am writing on another series but sometimes I find it so hard to focus and I get restless and just wanna move. Just sitting there makes me go crazy sometimes… I just wish I could plug a wire to my head and suck out the story into my laptop! Haha.

I know the more I write and put out the more likely I will be noticed. I am planning on writing short stories in different genres and put them for free on Amazon as an e-book. Everyone likes short free stories. And hopefully it’ll get me more noticed and some followers. I know only time will give me what I want but I really hate waiting. I’m grateful for the job I have now but I just want writing to be my only one. I am meant for so much more.

I just wish it was now. The only thing I can do is write and try to put out more material to be noticed more. And be very very very hopeful.

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