Buy The Embers of Amour for $8!


I have a limited stock of my paper back novel The Embers of Amour! I am selling it for $8 and will ship it for an extra $1! Message me on facebook! and

It is $14-$16 after tax on amazon/createspace. Not my choice though… some people complain about the price but to be honest it isn’t my fault. I only make about $3 to $4 every time someone buys from Amazon CreateSpace. Selling from my own may help me profit more. At least I hope.

I’m afraid it won’t sell any. When people don’t know you they don’t care and don’t even want to give you a chance. It’s actually quite upsetting. But everyone has to start somewhere… I’m going to donate one of my novels to the library and try to see if I can come up with a contract for the Hastings Entertainment here. They help self-publishers. I just wish people would give me a chance more. Yet I know the process takes time and maybe it won’t take forever.

I am doing well on my second novel for The Embers of Amour. The Ashes of Amour! Hoping to finish it this month! 🙂

My novel is still only $0.99 cents on amazon!


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