If it was easy it would not be worth it… bs!

Whoever came up with that saying is crazy. I so wish things were easy! And for me it would be worth it! Self-publishing is so hard and upsetting. I am proud I have self-published but gosh it is hard. It sometimes feels as if all I do is for nothing. Then again I need to do way more than I do. I need to go into town and pass my cards around. Try to come up with a contract for Hastings… yet l am scared of rejection. It sucks.


I know going out of your comfort zone helps you grow.  However, it can be scary. I do need to blog more and post on my fb pages more. It is hard when I have hardly any fans. I know you have to start somewhere but when you know what you want this slow pace can be so downing. I wish I had it now. I need to try  harder to market. Do more for my novels.

I have been writing more. I am sad I am not finished with my second novel yet. I know it takes time… I should stop making deadlines hehe. Anyways hoping to finish soon!! My biggest problem is lack of reviews from people who have bought my novel and said they’d enjoyed it.

I am happy they have bought the book. Sooo happy! I need reviws badly though. The more reviews the better chance I have of others seeing my novel! I do not want to beg but I feel like I have to sometimes. It seems it is just so much work for people. It really is a bummer… plus finding out shipping my novel costs just as much as I am selling it blows.

So much negative and I am stressed at work. It seems things aren’t great. But they aren’t bad. I am trying to stay positive and more productive. I know I can do this… just have to not give up or lose my mind! Ha.

And last note the header picture is so funny! I wish I had some way to write my thoughts/dreams down as I am in bed!

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