Almost done with the second book for Amour!

I am happy I am almost finished! I have not wrote much this week though. Nevertheless, I have been writing in my head like crazy! Haha! I seem to write more in my head than anything. Today at work I was pretending I was doing an audio book for a novel I am trying to write. I am in love with it! I just need to write it however I am trying to finish my second book.

Sells for my novel is slow and almost none. I have some about ten of my paper backs. Did not make much of a profit because shipping cost. I know you have to spend money in order to make it but man it is insane. I am going to town Tuesday and planning to go to book stores and put my cards in. I need to bring my novel to Hastings and try to get that done… just scared of rejection as I have said before.

I am trying to blog and tweet more it is hard. But, i am going to try and make these quote pictures of my novel. I hear they are popular. I do not have photo-shop though. But, the pictures look fine with paint. It will do until I can afford a better photo shop…

I wish I could live on my novels makings now… my job is stressful. I am planning to try and go to the local college here to go a workforce course. So I can get a real job. While I work on my novels. It is just sad that I am doing what I love but not making anything from it. I wish to live on my dream… and I know everyone does.

I just have to keep writing and trying and hoping. I am buying more indie, self-published, new Author books. So I can help support the community. I hope my day comes soon… trying to stay positive. It has been hard lately. I am trying to ignore the fact I have not sold any novels on createspace or amazon in last month… I have sold some from myself. I know sells will go down. Because no one knows me and it is sad. But, I have to deal with it. Someday it will be different and I will live off my dream.



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