Trying to stay positive.

I’m almost finished with my second novel The Ashes of Amour. And I’m really excited and happy about that. I definitely love this second novel even more. I’m hoping others will too. I know which series I want to do after this one and I’m working on it right now. I really love it. The story is going to be about aliens and a lot of drama and crazy sci-fi.

I’ve been kind of bummed out because I’ve not had any sales this month. My friends and family have bought the novel and a few people who know someone who knows me. And I’m grateful for that but no one else knows me so no one’s really going to give me a chance. I know with more reviews I’ll have a bigger chance of people buying my novel. No I no negative reviews will come soon. Which will be heartbreaking but it’s part of the business. I don’t want to beg for reviews but it’s very difficult to get them. Even from friends and family. They don’t really seem to want to make time to do that. I’m grateful for the ones who have.

I’m trying to focus on paying my car off quickly. But I need to save some money up so that I can fix my first novel. The formatting isn’t perfect and I need to add page numbers. I think the more professional at it looks the better chances I have of people buying it.

I know this takes time but it kind of bums me out. I’m doing what I love but I can’t live off of it yet. Sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to be able to. And it’s very sad. I love to write and I love to see my things on the big screen. I also would love to make comics and video games and someday TV shows. But I’m always wondering what if? It can be depressing. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I also want to own a Doggy Daycare but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.

I don’t know what the future holds and it’s scary. I know what I want and I’m trying to get that. But I feel like it’s never going to come because the fear of what if is there. I’m focusing on trying to work out more and eating better and writing more. I’m doing well but I think I need to do better. I’ll be done with my novel this month and that’s exciting. I just hope more positive things come. I’m grateful for all I have now but I know I meant for more.

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