Coming soon. The Noble Saga.


“An old threat resurfaces on Earth shaking the world with a sinister plan. A private investigator takes on the challenge of stopping them for good. But with time and insanity not on her side, Amy Wicker must fight to keep her chances of taking this threat down high. As time starts to run out blood and lies begin to drown Amy Wicker. Will she be able to prevail and take down an old enemy? Or will her own demons destroy her before she can?”

My new series I  am working on that I have had in my head for years. It is a sci-fi, drama, action, and suspense series. It’ll have four novels to it. I’m really excited about it. It’ll be a brutal cruel novel with a lot of lessons to learn. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to write it as I see it in my head. Somehow things never sound as good as they are in my head.

But I know I’m just very judgmental about my work just as most writers are. I’m going to try to finish the Ashes of Amour this week. I should have finished it last week but it will be done. I need to focus on marketing better and promoting my stuff more. But sometimes I don’t even know where to start. It’s difficult to self-publish and I wish I had more help or better knowledge of it. I try to research and study up on it but really it’s a difficult thing.

You either make it or you don’t. Any moment someone could look at my novel and tell others and suddenly it takes off with sells. Or they can be ignored forever. It’s extremely sad and sometimes discouraging. But I love writing and I love what I do. I can only hope that someday I can live off my writing. Though I’d really love to open a doggie daycare too 🙂

My dogs are my babies and it would be awesome to have a daycare. I have big dreams and of course I am scared I will never see them become real. I know time is everything… still fear always is with me.

I have so many stories in my head from years ago and even now. I wish I could just write all of them right now. Yet I have little patience. Sometimes it’s just so hard to get it written. I want it just as perfect as I see it in my head but it’s hard to do that. And then I also don’t know which one to write on. Like which one could become most popular. You never know what someone’s going to like or what will launch off suddenly. I’d like to focus on a child’s story or tween. Those are very popular.

I’m excited about finally starting this new series (well not new series to me but to others). I really want to be able to make it beautifully awesome. The lack of sales from my other novel makes me bummed out but I just have to keep trying and writing and hopefully soon maybe things will take off.


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