I finished my second novel!

As I was talking to my Grandmother on the phone I finished my second novel! The Ashes of Amour! The second novel in the Amour series. I am very happy I am finally finished. Ugh! It took me over a week to finish the last chapter. It is not that I did not know how it ended it is just I had no will. Stupid writers block…

Anyway I wrote The end and I am so happy! And now… the revising and editing and proofreading. The fun part… I also will be looking for good package deals for editors/formating deals. I am not sure if I will try to make my own cover or not. But, I want this novel to look very professional!

Not sure how long it will take but I am happy I am done. I am proud of myself. Just wish I could actually start making money. I know that is not most important. But I really want to make a career out of writing…

I know I have to have patience… but right now it is so hard. Things are rough right now and it has not been easy. And I do not believe it will get better anytime soon and that upsets me. I really REALLY NEED SOME luck right now… if my book could somehow rocket into popularity now… it would be so wonderful.

Really wonderful… :/ really happy for all I have but we need some luck right now.

Now… on to editing! And soon to start a new series! :)!

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