I am still here! Small update.

I am editing my second novel and it is going slow. But, it is going! I am on chapter five and that is something. I need to start editing more though! Because more I put out the more likely I will be noticed. I need to start another series I have a lot planned out. I am excited about all of them but I need to focus on just one of them. Life has been more positive for me even with a lot of negative around for us.

Hopefully things will get better though. I changed a few things in my first novel just some intro things. Things that need to be left behind… they meant something at the time but not it means nothing. I hope soon I can get my first novel formatted so it can look better. My sells have been slow and that bums me out but they haven’t fully stopped. I understand self-publishing is going to be very hard. It will cost me more than I gain. But, someday I will gain more! Someday I will be on the best seller list!! I WILL! I have to believe.

I really need to write though… spending time with family now after a very good workout. My two days off must be full of editing !

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