Update on what has been going on.

I haven’t been marking or updating for a while. Sorry about that. Things have been very stressful for I and my family. My second novel The Ashes of Amour is finished but at the moment I cannot afford to publish it yet. It bums me out and I hate it. But, it will be released hopefully sometime this year. Just I am very stressed out and down right now and it is hard to do much.

I am going to start writing on the third book of the Amour series. I am not sure of a name yet but I have the story. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. So, I will be trying to work on that and other projects. But, it maybe a while before I finish anything or publish again because of the stress that I am going through. I wish I could release my second novel but sadly just cannot yet.

So that is what has happened. I am still here and trying to write. Just struggling with the stresses going on in my life right now.

Thank you 🙂

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