Second novel coming soon!

I know I finished The Ashes of Amour last year but we went through many struggles last year. It kept me from doing much with my writings. However, things are better and I am going through The Ashes of Amour again. Trying to edit it as best as I can. Then we will work on formatting it. I have the cover picked out so that is something. It is badass! Works so well with the novel.

So maybe in next month I will have it published. First I must work on a good marketing plan. That is what I have failed on. I have no excuse this year! Though money is super tight… yet I will find a way. It is still difficult now… but I want my novels out there! People to read them and be entertained. Someday I will be a best seller!

But first I must work on marketing! Otherwise I’ll never get known. My other plans is to publish short novels…the more I get out the more likly I will get known. I have a notebook with ideas… just have to write.
I’ve been trying to just focus on The Ashes of Amour right now. But I have started other series… even the third book of the Amour series! Honestly just have to stop being lazy and just write!!!! It is my dream. I am the only one who can make it real.

So hopefully I’ll have the second novel out soon!! I am very proud of myself for finishing two books! Seems so impossible! But I did it.I know I have a lot to learn about writing but I know I am getting better everyday.

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