My novel and a book is available now!

Nothing is more annoying than writing a whole blog. And having it be deleted. Really really annoying. Just really frustrating. But I fix the formatting on my first book and it looks more professional now. I also fix the formatting for my ebooks so they can be purchased now. Sales Online almost none existing. Because those who swear they support me don’t actually do. Which is extremely depressing but it’s reality. But I’m grateful for those who have purchased my novel so far. You guys are amazing.

Sells by my own hand haven’t been bad. I have a couple of people who want to buy it. Which I’m grateful for. Just sucks having friendly and friends you don’t actually care. But the moment I become a best seller they’ll come running. But I’m going to remember those who I didn’t have to beg for support. Not those who only came when they can get something out of me.

Sorry I’m just really irritated right now. I know it’ll all be worth it someday. I’m just so exhausted all the time. From my main job. I’m grateful for that job but God I’m so tired all the time. It’s difficult to concentrate on writing. I just want my dream job so badly. Just to take care of my family and not have to worry anymore. I’ve also been slacking on working out which is not good. My self-esteem is very low right now too. I’m trying to fix myself. Trying to stop feeling sorry for myself because that’s not good. Cutting people out of my life that are toxic. I’m trying to keep positive people around me.

I’ve been writing on a novel. And I’ve been writing really well on it. Not the series I want to write on. But I’m just glad I’m writing on something. And I’m hoping to finish it soon so I can publish that too. So you know people can pretend they’re interested in it until it goes fot sell. Just pathetic.

Sorry I’m just not feeling it today. I’ve been very exhausted I’m tired of feeling tired and weak all the time. Really am trying to fix my confidence and it’s been extremely difficult. I just want people to actually support me like they swear they do. Just saying they do doesn’t do anything. I know self publishing is difficult… people aren’t going to buy until they know you. And I know it’s worth it in the end. But sometimes I just want to scream.

I’m going to keep writing. Because I believe I’m going to get somewhere. And I’m going to be somebody. I just can’t give up…

Just photo of the ones who truly make me happy.

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