My fixed cards and flyers came in!


The picture is dark but the flyers are awesome!!! Bigger than I expected though! Hoping to pass them around. When I go to town again I’m going to put them on billboards. I really want to get the word out about my books. I just want this to be my career now. So badly. I know that it’s very rare that you can make it into a career immediately. But it does happen. I’ve seen it happen overnight sometimes. I absolutely love them going to try to give them to some people who lie she will give them out. I also need to make sure I write today. My niece is over here. But I need to make time to write. I haven’t wrote all week. Got a little writer’s block but I need to clear that up.

I haven’t wrote anything on my third book for my Amour series. Due to writer’s block. But I’ve been writing another book and I’ve been doing well on it though. But I know I need to write more. I need to do better. Just hoping more people will look into my books. Badly.

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