Finally got my third books story.

I had started writing my third novel for my Amour series until I got ole writers block. Then I stopped writing and started focusing on a different novel. Which I have been doing well on writing. But few days ago at work I started thinking of my third novel. All day long and I finally got the whole story! I changed it some but love it.

Started writing on it. So far few pages in… still suffering from writer’s block. But, I have been pretty stressed and my aniexty is bad. I hate it. Trying to workout more but I am so exhausted everyday. I know it is not an excuse but dang my motivation is so low… I hate it.

But I have to force myself because if I don’t I’ll be this lazy loser for life. I just want to be who I see in my head. And if I keep holding myself back I will never become it.

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