Trying to write more!

I have not been writing as much as I want to. But, I am trying to pick it back up. I have not been writing much on my third novel in the Amour series. But, that is because I have been trying hard to finish my novel ‘A Way Home’ I am half way done with it. It will need a lot of editing though. It is very rough. I want to finish something else too. I write every so often on other things but not enough. I have no motivation or will power in the morning or evening to do anything. And it is really annoying. I have want to write in the evening and I do but not enough.

I need to start writing more. No excuses. I am tired a lot though. I had nine days off this week and I hardly have wrote anything. I feel bad about it but cannot change it. Today I am going to try to write a lot. I also have to work out and cut some wire. Why do I have no will in the day? It is getting on my nerves. I also have so much I wanna write on too. In the end I am in my head WAY TO MUCH. And it is bad. Life is a struggle right now… but I am trying to make it better. I wish my dream career would come now. If all I had was to focus on it then I would write more. Someday. I just have to keep trying and believing.
I’ve been down in the dumps lately but trying to come above it.

I have been planning on going around town to give out cards and put my posters in places. I need to do it now and stop wasting stop and avoiding it. Been to lazy and it is not good. I am 26 now and need to kick myself into gear. I need to get my name out there! Some family and friends are helping but most do not care. Yet moment I become a best-seller they’ll be running to me… Oh I will not forget.

heh! Anyways I am so happy for those who do take the time and help in anyway!


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