Making plans.

Messing around with my website trying to make it look better. I know a prettier website would help. Also thinking about a email list but I hardly have fans right now. So, maybe later. Looking at more and better ways to market my books. Looking into trailers now… need to make more picture previews too. I’ve been pretty lazy recently with marketing and it is not good.

I have been writing every night though. On my novel A Way Home. Which is great. Even though it is a very rough daft. I just wish I could do this all the time. I am grateful for my job I have. I just wish I could make money on my writing now so it can be all I focus on. That would be very nice. I am twenty-six now and I know dreams don’t come true over night. Yet, I so wish they did. I am tired. I just want my dream career. And most of the time my head is filled with doubts and fears. Of being stuck and trap.

I am trying to focus on working out more and writing more. I have many ideas I want to do. Just trying to focus on one at least. If I was not so tired all of the time this would be easier. But, only I can make my dream happen. So, here I am doing that. Or at least trying. Wish things were easier but nope that is not life. I am happy for the reviews I got on my amazon page for my books. I wish I could get more. But, I am done begging. I’ll remember those I did not have to beg. Heh. But, I have to do more marketing. That is my fault I have not. Sigh…

Okay good things here I come.

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