A Way Home.

I am working on a new novel. Well I have been for awhile now. I am almost done. But, of course it will need a lot of editing. I mean a lot… but I love it! Sometimes I hate it but that is because when you work on something for so long you just go crazy. But, I do love it. I am trying to write on a few other books too. It is harder to do the series books. Not sure why though… But, hoping to finish something else soon. I need to stay focused on writing more. I know nothing big is happening for me right now with my writing and it probably wont for a long time. I am trying to stay hopeful though. Maybe those who say they will help spread the word about me will. I can only hope right? Though I need to stop being lazy and get my butt into the city and hand out my cards and posters. I need more marketing products though. I need a better marketing plan actually. But, if I wrote a nice tween-novel I bet I could go big quick. Yet every time I try to write a teen novel it gets very rated R. Sigh… I must keep trying though! Here is my picture I made for my new novel A Way Home.


“Alice’s world is dying. In an attempt to save it she must enter mysterious worlds. Worlds where she hopes to find answers or a new home. Protecting her family is all she dreams of; but doubt and fear grows in her heart with each new, rotting world. Is there ever an end to the chaos? Will the secrets of a lost past bring clarity or only more pain? Will Alice ever find a new home and safety for those she loves, or will she fade away with the rest?”


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