Almost finished with A Way Home! Small update.

Small update on things…

I’ve been writing a lot on my new novel A Way Home. I know I should be writing on the last book of the Amour series but I am taking a break from it so that I can focus on a different book. I’ve actually been doing really well at staying focused on writing. Even if it’s not the greatest writing. But a bad page is always better then a blank page. I’m also hoping I can actually afford an real editor this time.

I really hope for that. I definitely like the novel. Every now and then I start to hate it. But when you write on something every single day and you know the story just every part of it. It gets blah sometimes. Which is totally fine. It’s going to be needing a really really good editing though. But I know I can do that too. I’m really excited about it. It’s a horror novel but more of a suspense thriller. And of course the main character has her name with A as the first letter. Not sure why I’m so obsessed with naming my main characters with the letter A. But whatever.

I still haven’t done much with marketing and advertising. And I know I’m dumb for that. I’m going to go to town soon to talk to the bank about something. So I’m going to go to the bookstores to and put my cards around. Hopefully by then I’ll get the bookmarks I ordered to come in. Though I don’t want to give too many of those away. I need to order more marketing material though.

I’ve been really lazy about marketing my book. Especially online. But it’s very difficult online to do that. A lot of websites call for a lot of things which one knowing. But I know I need to do better. Stop the excuses. I slack too much because of my anxiety and it holds me back. But I have a small plan and that’s better than anything. I just have to keep writing. Just have to stop letting me hold me back.

I have many ideas and stories to focus on. Though it’s difficult just to focus on one. And I have so many I want to write but I don’t even know where to start. Or some are so complex. Mostly all of them are fantasy and sci-fi. I have so many stories in my head that I feel so overwhelmed sometimes. It’s so hard to explain, it’s like there’s so many people trapped inside me, like I’m going to explode.

I just hope all this is all worth it. Because I’m tired of the same cycle every single day. I’m grateful for all I have but I know I’m meant for more. And I’m so terrified I’m just going to be nothing and stay on the same path that’s not satisfying in any way. Like I said I’m happy for what I have now. But I want so much more. I just need to focus on believing that I will become a successful Author. And also a business owner 🙂

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