A Way Home.

a way home

My novel A Way Home is almost finished. Well the writing is all done. It is going through editing now. I hope to get it back soon. I would like to release it next month. I really wanted to have it out before Christmas but life gets in the way. Mostly money. I have having such bad money problems. I don’t want to get a second job. My full time job is already a lot. I would have no time to workout or write. I am trying to cut things out and it is really hard. So tired of always stressing about money.

If only people bought my books then it wouldn’t be so bad. Anyway I am going to do a giveaway and promotions. Hoping it will help people leave reviews. People do not understand how important reviews are. It is the KEY for us to make a living. Most people do not care. I wish I did not have to beg but I am going to keep trying and hope people start writing some.

I am trying to help self-publishers by buying their books and leaving reviews. I know I need money but it is nice to help others like me. I just hope someday it will all be worth it. If not I will keep writing because I love writing.

I am trying to figure out how to make my doggie daycare business possible. That is very hard. But, it is what I need to do. I want to be my own boss and I know I would be good at that. I will still write though. Writing is my passion.

I am looking forward to the release of my novel. Not gonna get my hopes up about sales. I never make money from them. But, I am hoping more people will help me and buy! I am happy about this book and looking forward to others reading it.

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