A Way Home coming soon!

I’m really excited about my new novel A Way Home coming out soon! I hope that it can be released this month if not that’s okay. I’m going to be doing some giveaways. Basically like, share, and comment on a picture and you could win a mug, tote, and a signed book. Trying to get people more interested. It’s so difficult to get people to care. But just got to keep doing it. I love writing I’m not going to stop because some people don’t want to make time to support you.

But, I’m going to try to do this promotion where I give free mugs away with purchases. Not too many though. Because it’s not cheap. I know a lot of people might want the free mug. But, I already I’m not going to make back the money I spent on this novel. I’m happy about doing these cute little things to help people become more interested in buying my stuff. But it does not do the wallet well.

It’s okay though. Someday I’ll make money on my writing. I hope. For now I’m trying to focus on finishing three books this year. If I don’t that’s okay but that’s my goal. I also I’m trying to figure out my financial issues. Because I really need to save for my doggie daycare. I also need to study more. I’m going to be 27 this year. I need to start making my real career happened. I’m grateful for all I have. But there’s always room for better. 🙂

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