This is me <3

Hello I am Coushatta LaRue! When I am not writing I am working out, playing with my dogs, trying to figure out how to start a dog hotel/daycare. I have major anxiety with depression that comes and goes. My dream is to be a successful author and business owner. I want to open my own dog hotel/daycare. Of course sell my books at my business. I have dealt with major anxiety since I can remember. It makes life hard. But I tried to overcome it.

I have bad social anxiety and just general anxiety. It’s hard to be out in the public because I don’t have a very big social battery. And everything exhaust me mentally and emotionally which leaves me physically exhausted. Yay anxiety. My depression comes and goes but it is hard. I am trying to build my confidence and self-esteem by positive living and working out. It is difficult but I believe my future holds great things! A lot of days are a struggle for me but I keep trying. Practicing self-love and writing has helped me a lot.

I love writing horror, suspense, action, mystery, drama novels. I am still getting better at writing. I have dyslexia dysgraphia. I had a hard time growing up. I had to teach myself how to better read and write because people did not understand my issues. Which doesnt help a kids self-etseem. Like I said it has been a struggle… but! I am still growing and learning. I hope my books help people in some way. Even if it is just entertaining them. ❤

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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