The Flames of Amour!

The Flames of Amour. The third and final installment in my Amour series…
“It has been a year since Evan and Jesse’s disappearance. Abby has joined the military ranks of Haven. As she joins Ava on missions throughout the country the hope of finding those she has lost starts to fade. When a new colony starts to arise Abby starts to question all that she knows. As the world around her changes Abby must decide if she should change too. In this new world being the hero is not always the right way to go.”
I’m so excited about the new characters in my third novel. This novel is going to be much longer than the first two. I’m really excited about it and I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to right. But I can’t wait for people to read it 🙂
Check me out here…

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