I have new business cards.

I still want to use my old style but for my other book series. I created these two just advertise all of my writing. I know it’s plain and simple. But it’s straight to the point. I really love them! Though the texture isn’t as strong as I want it. So when I reorder them I have to make sure I do a different kind of card. I’m going to give people these when they order my newest book A Way Home.

My editor says she only had few pages left to do before I could reply to her comments. I’m really excited! I’ve been writing on my Amour book! I love the new characters in this book. It’s going to be longer than the others. And a lot is going to be happening. I want people to question everything. Absolutely love this series and the characters. I’ve been trying to advertise it from Instagram doing quotes from the book. But as usual people don’t really care. I know I have to spam advertisement that maybe someone will care. Takes one person to get it out there. I do wish people cared more. Though when you become popular people act like they’ve always been there.

Oh well. I’m not making any money on writing. I’m spending so much money just writing and trying to get good covers. People don’t understand that I’m literally not making any money. Someday I really hope I do. I want to make this a career. But I just got to keep writing and trying. I’m excited about my new business cards and I know the more I put out the more likely people are to know me. So I got to go to town and put cards around. Eventually someone will pick it up.

I also want my Editor to edit my first two books I have published. I think she’ll do amazing on them. I have to pay a little at a time for it but I think it’s a great idea. I have to get to writing now. Got to keep hoping.

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