Too many stories!

So I have this issue. Where I can come up with multiple stories every week. And then I start to obsess over them and that’s all I can think about. And I start to write them down then the next week I’m thinking about something else and obsessing over that and I start writing on that and I forget what I was doing before.

I Put so many things on the back burner for new stories. I mean just in three days I just came up with four different story ideas. And I try to just write them down and focus on what I’m trying to finish. I’m trying to finish the last book of Amour. I finally have the whole story and I was doing pretty well and then I kind of fell off the wagon writing on something else. And the thing is I have so many stories and characters inside of me that I just want people to know about and I just want to drown myself in that world.

So then I start slacking on what I’m actually supposed to be writing on. So in the end I never actually finish anything. It’s a very bad habit. So I’m just going to try to write down the ideas that pop up but then leave them at that. I’m so obsessed people knowing the stories but I need to finish the other ones I’m doing. So no matter how much I want to write on these awesome stories in my head. I got to finish what I’m doing now…

I’m really excited for people to read the third book. Abby is on a new adventure which is a darker Adventure. What’s the new obstacles and challenges. This book will be more action compared to the others. And my more Grim! It took me awhile to get down the story that I want it. But finally I have it. And I’m really excited about it. I love the new characters. The only problem I’m having is in the first two books there’s flashbacks. Which gives a backstory on a character. But I’m not sure how to do that in this book.


I was thinking of two characters which I may go back to. Then I was thinking of a different one and then I wrote a chapter for another one. So I’m not a hundred percent sure on which to go with. But I might not even do flashbacks in this one because I’m kind of focusing on two different people. Obviously Abby. I’m just hoping I can finish it in a couple of months or less. I’ve taken a break on it for way too long.

I keep saying I’m going to come up with a new marketing and advertising plan but I’m lazy and I haven’t done anything. So I need to get off my ass and actually do it bring my bookmarks places poster. How can anyone know about me if I don’t do anything? I’m ridiculous

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