Slowing down and trying harder.

I am trying to figure out things to blog about more. Lots of people say having a good blog helps you. But, I never know what to blog about. I feel my life is pretty boring and I have nothing to talk about most the time. I dunno. I rather Instagram or twitter for my social platform. Anyways, I realize I keep jumping the gun on releasing my books. I need to make sure I proof better. I sadly had to take A Way Home down from amazon because I found mistakes.

They are being fixed which is great. The book is awesome and great but I fear the mistakes will turn people away. Like, over 50 people got the free ebook and now I feel bad because of the mistakes. Hopefully, no one will leave bad reviews because that is what I fear the most. All I can do is fix the mistakes and try to see if I can offer the ebook free again. So, next time I will slow and make sure everything is good before I release. I know I AM still learning but it is hard enough for people to take self-publishers serious. So it worries me…

I can’t dwell on it though. I just need to keep writing and trying to build up a fan base so I can take my stuff to a real publisher. I just hope someday my work will be taken more serious and I can make some kind of living on it. I keep trying and hoping… though I HATE waiting… wondering what will happen.


One thought on “Slowing down and trying harder.

  1. My friend Jen is reading it and will write a good review. She is pointing out any mistakes but she really like she the book and the premise. And like me, is finding it hard to put down. I’ll pass them on to you. Also …you didn’t know but last night but someone was reading A Way Home at midnight in a hospital emergency room while they waited for X rays.

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