The Flames of Amour.


I’m still not very okay with the name. But it makes sense with the series. I haven’t written in about a week but I’m going back to it. Over 600 pages in. I still have quite to cover though. I never expected this novel to be so long. But then again this series was supposed to end with the first book. I’m really excited about this one though it has to be my favorite one so far. So many twists and turns and new characters. I’m really enjoying writing it. I’m hoping to be finished with it soon and publish it this year. But no promises on dates.

I’m thinking about going through A Way Home again. Taking it from Amazon and just working on it until I feel comfortable with it. I’m pretty disappointed in how everything turned out. I mean I think it’s a great story and everything. But there still seems to be some errors. I’m trying to start on the two other series that are in this series. It’s taking a bit of time because they’re so complex and complicated. But I’m taking my time on them. I’m definitely learned my lesson on rushing things.

I really want to just be a stay at home writer and do nothing else. I wish I could afford that because it would help my mental health so much. But have no idea how long that will take. I keep trying to escape the cycle but it seems all my ideas are dead ends. And all I wish is that I could go back in time to when I’m 20 and not waste my time on stupid things like guys that don’t matter or shit that don’t matter. I wish I had went to college and focus more my mental health.

I wasted so much time and now I’m stuck. I’m glad I have a job. But my mental health is quite declining. I escaped into my writing and I’m glad for that. But I need to escape from this reality I live in permanently if I’m going to ever live a happy successful life. I know and I accept that I’m definitely not going to become a successful author anytime soon. I know I have good stories. I may not be the greatest writer but I do write good stories. However, the genre I write is not one that blooms. I do have ideas for normal fiction dramas that are really good. But it’s not something that I’m very easily drawn to. Meaning it’s very difficult to write.

Give me a Sci-Fi idea and I got it. I have so many ideas I want to write down I’m trying to focus on these serious. It’s definitely not easy. But I love to write. I’m not making any money at all. And no one is really helping. I got a few people who share like my post but overall I’m not really getting much support. And it’s quite sad but expected. Most people don’t give a damn unless they can get something out of you. That’s the harsh reality. Even family and friends. But I’m going to keep writing because there are a few people who truly care and want to read what I write. Plus, I really enjoy writing and it makes me happy even if I’m not making money. And someday I’ll be successful. I just hope sooner rather than later.

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