700 pages in!

I’m over 700 pages into the Flames of Amour! I’m not sure how on Earth this book got so long but it is. I omitted a a few things out of it to shorten it up a bit. But, I love it and I love where it’s going and all the characters. I think it’s very interesting how different it is compared to the first one. definitely grown! Speaking of my first novel I’ve been working on it to make changes to it. I know you shouldn’t change your work. But there’s things that I don’t like about it and I definitely want to change it.

Especially want to change it in case it ever gets bigger. Well one day it’ll get bigger! I just want to focus Less on certain things. Anyway I’m never sure whatever blog but I’m 700 pages into my new book and I’m working on other projects and yeah hopefully someday I’ll be noticed.

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