Putting a plan together for my book release.

*Apologies any mess-ups. I did this by voice to text.* I’m almost done going through my novel A Way Home. Doing my own little editing. Which isn’t the best editing since I’m not very good at that. But, I’ve come a long way. Being dyslexic and having dysgraphia makes things difficult but not impossible. Someday I hope I’m able to earn enough so I can … Continue reading Putting a plan together for my book release.


Apologies for not updating often. I know I need to. Apparently updating your website often is a good thing for you. Those since I have such a small fan base I don’t know if they even know about this website. But I should updated it more. Anyway I am finished writing A Way Home. I haven’t started editing it yet. Because I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading Update!