Beetiful bookcovers!

Let’s talk about beetiful book covers! I found this website through the k-pub website. And I was blown away by the selection of the pre-made covers. The prices are quite reasonable as well as formation Mark plus the site has a lot of Random discounts which is great!

I’ve gotten all four of my novels covers from this website. The cover artist Stefanie it’s great to work with and has tons of patience. She’s extremely friendly as well. I highly recommend her work because she’s so easy to work with and has great selection. Below are images of her website and some of her work! Plus the images of my novels! As a self-publisher it’s quite difficult to find a cover artist that’s professional and friendly and reasonable price. But I think I found someone that’s quite great.
She has a great selection from different genres from romance to horror and sci-fi and many more!

Check her out here!


The covers of my novels made by her!

So check her out! ❤

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