Play Dead! Book review!

Let’s talk Play Dead! Play dead is a novel by Angela Marsons. It’s book number three in the D.I Kim Stone investigation novels. I found it at half Price bookstore for only $2 and had no idea it was not book one. However, I’m glad that I picked it up.

In short summary play dead follows investigator Kim Stone as she tries to solve a murder mystery. A murder mystery that begins at a ‘body farm’ facility. As more victims start to pop up things start to get more serious.

I will say as I started reading this novel I really loved how short the chapters were and how easy they were to follow. No crazy over the top writing or any overly ridiculous words that no one actually uses in real life. The short chapters were quite enjoyable and kept me wanting to know more. The main character Kim was pretty enjoyable. She has a past and she’s a bit guarded but not in an annoying way. It has enjoyable side characters as well with none of them being highly irritating. The actual story at first was quite predictable and when I thought I knew who the murderer was I was actually surprised at the end! Let me tell you I never am surprised! I can always figure out an ending and the fact that I was actually startled by the truth. Tells me this book was really damn good. This book pulls you in with the crimes and the diary entries of someone broken. By the time you’re at the end you’re on the edge of your seat.

I do highly recommend this novel. Do you need to start from the beginning of the series? I’m not sure. There were some things that the main character would think about and I wasn’t really sure what she was talking about. So I’m definitely going to get the other novels in the series. The book was really good and if you enjoy murder mysteries and an easy read this is definitely for you! You can buy it pretty much anywhere and it’s also an audible if you’re interested in that.

-Something that really pulled me towards this book besides the really cool cover and the price was the fact that it was focused at a body farm. I personally want to donate my body to science too. So I was really intrigued! definitely going to get the rest in the series and would love to see this as an HBO series.

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