I’ve been wanting to watch Waco ever since it came out. However we don’t really have cable TV just like a little baby satellite that gets some channels. I knew eventually it was going to be on Netflix or some streaming site! I’m happy it’s on Netflix so I don’t have to watch stupid commercials on Hulu. I’ve been excited about this series because Taylor Kitsch is one of my favorite actors. Plus, who doesn’t love a series based on a real life event?

If you don’t know what Waco is about it’s simple: The FBI corner colts leader David Koresh and his followers in Waco. It leads to a 52-day standoff that leads in tragedy.

Let’s get into it! The show opens up with an intense scene of David telling his people that they (fbi) are coming and he was going to try to take care of it. It shows him walking out and someone shooting and all hell breaks loose. The show really makes you wonder who exactly is at fault for the fire. Who is to blame? And while you’re watching this show you may switch the blame from the FBI to David back and forth.

Michael Shannon’s performance I’ll have to mention first. I’ve liked this actor for a long time and have had a secret crush on him. Something about his voice and the way he sets his eyes… it just kind of woos me. But, his acting performance was quite excellent! The passion and seriousness he was able to portray in his facial features was on point. He really pulled you in and got you trusting his character. Believing that he truly did want what’s best for the people inside.

Taylor Kitsch did a damn good job. Some of the emotions that he went through in this character are emotions I’ve not seen him express yet through film or television. I think he was able to portray this character on point. There were times where I felt sorry for David and even times where I kind of was agreeing with him. Even though personally I’m not religious or believe in any God… I definitely believed that they were a cult but Taylor was able to pull me into David’s calm collected personality. Though, in the end I believe he was a rapist and child molester and a cultist leader.

Guys like him know when they see someone who is struggling with life and low self-esteem. They know the right words to say when people are searching for answers. He was not a good person and in the end he got what he deserved. Maybe a part of him was good and wanted to help but honestly he was a cynical person who just want to control. Taylor’s performance was very very impressive.Taylor’s performance was very very impressive.

There are certain types of people who join cults. Weak-minded people who are struggling with finding their purpose and reason in life, people who are desperate for attention, people who allow their love for others to separate their minds from reality and fact. I feel sorry for the people in David’s congregation. They obviously were searching for a purpose in life and though I’m not religious they had all right to find a faith. Yet, they were pulled into the wrong kind of faith. whether some of them wanted to believe it or not for me my opinion is that David wanted them to worship him. He wanted all the attention and all the control because in the end he got off on it. And I don’t mean in a sexual way but in a mental way.

Taylor did a wonderful job pulling me into the character of David and surprisingly feeling empathy for him. Yet the knowledge of him being evil never left my mind. All the other characters did a splendid job as well! The actor who played David Thibodeau was quite good. Definitely had my heartstrings pulled in the end when he was being arrested.

The show is a short series but each episode is powerful and moving. It pulls you onto the edge of your seat and makes you really question a lot of things. The impact of the actors abilities to capture you and just make you forget everything surrounding you is truly impressive. The filming was quite delightful too! wasn’t too dark and wasn’t too bright and the fact that they rebuilt the whole actual church was pretty awesome. You can tell the director and everyone else put all their heart and soul into the series and it really shows.

It was quite dramatic but not over the top. Just enough suspense to keep you on edge. By the end of the show you’re going to be feeling a lot of different emotions and you’re going to be unsure about a lot of things. At least I was! They stick to a lot of the truth but of course they did over dramantized. But what I found very interesting… Was in the making of the show was that some of the survivors actually helped. Some of them even worked with the actors to help them truly express the original people they were playing.

I think they put a lot of work into the show and it’s definitely worthy of some awards. Especially Taylor’s role as David. That last episode was a lot and a huge roller coaster and I did cry! Especially with the children because I couldn’t help but think about how that really happened. Those poor innocent children suffered because two groups of people could not compromise. That’s truly sad and pathetic. I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes shows that are created based on true events. Even if you don’t know about this event in Waco you should definitely watch it anyway. Waco gets an excellent score for me!

A little more thought on the Waco events.

I do feel bad for the adults and wish there were people who could have opened their minds up that there were more to life than that cult. That they could study their religion and live freely with their God in a more productive and safe way. But sadly no one really had a chance to show them that. There’s also a part of me that really rejects feeling sorry for them. Because they were adults who had their own mind and capability of knowing right from wrong. And they still allowed those children to stay in that unsafe environment. I do understand though when you’re not strong enough to think for yourself it is difficult to see past that thing that you put above all else.

I do believe David probably set the fires but maybe the FBI helped set them as well. Both parties are to blame in my opinion. The FBI allowed their egos and controlling issues to get in the way and it caused chaos. David is a cult leader and if there’s one thing they do not like? That’s not being in control. So it’d be obvious for him to set the fire so that he wouldn’t lose control… even in his death.

There’s some things in the show that they added in but there’s also a lot of things that they didn’t add in. Like supposedly the bugs that the FBI placed inside caught some men talking about pouring something around. Which indicated that they poured gasoline around. apparently the FBI also denied the local Waco fire Department to get close. Which seems very suspicious to me.

I know on that last day… My thoughts… it seems like David knew that they were at the end of their rope so he was going to threaten a mass suicide if they didn’t back off. However because they took out their communications they weren’t able to express that. And that David and the FBI both somehow set the fires. I don’t really know who set the fires but for me both the FBI and David look guilty.

The whole situation was just chaotic. The FBI should have done a better job and stopped trying to be so damn controlling. They should have never done what they did and especially since there were children inside. And David? He could have tried letting go of some of his control and cult nature thinking. In the end if he truly cared about his people he would have allowed them to leave and just accepted jail time.

That’s my opinion on the Waco! It is just my opinion and my thoughts!! if you don’t agree that is cool! Waco is a sticky event that a lot A people disagree on. Which is okay! It was a tragedy that should have never happened. But as for the show I really recommend it!