Let’s talk about Tiger King for a moment.

Honestly I didn’t want to watch this show. Though I love documentaries and crime shows and anything about dramatic mysteries based on true stories. I didn’t really seem interested in this. It just didn’t catch my eye. Now I started watching it because my sister begged me to. So here’s my review…

Personally I don’t think anyone is innocent in the show. Except for some of the workers they seem fine just wanting to help. But the main two characters of this show? Both are evil in their own ways. And one I’m pretty sure one got to wait with murder. Joe exotic was quite cynical and let his ego control a lot of his decisions. Plus his drug addiction probably made his paranoia worse. Carol is a loon and quite narcissistic and controlling herself. I feel her big cat recuse isn’t as innocent as she pretends. Plus, I BELIEVE she got rid of her husband. The show didn’t really catch me until last few episodes. It was quite dramatic and Joe well he buried himself.

I think that everyone who owns some kind of sanctuary or rescue needs to follow better guidelines. They should be forced to keep the big cats in large fenced in area so they can roam around and actually be a cat. Because if you have them in the small cages? What the hell? What’s the point? It’s like they’re in prison there’s no way they’re happy. I think it was a good documentary but I wasn’t crazy impressed. I did enjoy watching Joe descend into madness. I did like some of the workers’ stories. They had good stories to tell and I really liked hearing from them.

I’m most concerned about the weenie dogs that were around the big cats. They seem quite Happy but eventually I feel like one of them cats were going to get hungry and eat them. I just hope that those dogs are okay!

I will say that I do feel like the show was filmed well and edited pretty good. Though sometimes the jumping around was a bit annoying and I wish they had focused on scenes longer than what they did. Every time a scene would come on where Joe was singing I would just feel so awkward. It definitely was interesting just not as good as I expected it. There’s a huge hype around the tiger King series so I thought it was going to be a bit more I don’t know exciting. Like don’t fuck with cats there was a huge hype around that and I finally watched it and I got to say the hype was real. I’ll do a review on that later.

Do I recommend it? For one time watch sure. Tiger King is a good series and if you enjoy drama you’re definitely going to enjoy it. I wouldn’t binge watch it though.