Too hot to handle.

Yikes. I just finished watching too hot to handle and I kind of enjoyed it. So here’s my review!

This show is about a bunch of hot people who love sex going to this island to enjoy their summer. But, they can’t do any sexual contact otherwise they’ll lose money that they’re supposed to win in the end. That’s simple.

My first reaction to the show was, “Wow this looks dumb as hell.” I don’t really like reality shows and I rarely ever watch them. The last one I watched was love is blind. And that was the first reality show I’ve watched in years. Because most of it’s all scripted and fake. But I decided why not give it a shot?

The first episode we meet the whole cast and holy crap… for some reason this first episode makes it seem like average people don’t want sex. Just hot people want sex all the time… Made me have a big eye roll. Then you start meeting the actual cast and holy crap the show makes all hot people look dumb as hell! I was waiting for one that had a good personality but every time someone new came on I was just like this can’t be real… These people have to be actors…

I know not every attractive person is a dimwit but damn the show makes it look like it. They were so just ditzy and ridiculous that even though they were all hot my attraction to all of them just disappeared. Like, for me being attractive is great and all but if you don’t have anything upstairs in that head of yours then it’s not worth my time. Yeah you could be good in bed but if we can’t hold an intelligent conversation it’s not worth it. So I don’t find anything wrong with someone who loves sex. It’s totally okay just be safe and smart about it. Also try to have a little personality…. To add on to that… the first episode was screaming STDS!!! LIKE holy cow the way that they were talking about how much they have sex… I’m just like so which one of you has the clap??

Needless to say I did binge watch it in one day and I’m kind of ashamed about that. It did get kind of interesting though. People actually started growing and learning which made their personalities bearable. My favorite was probably David on the men’s side. I think he was the most attractive and he did grow a lot. Rhonda was the favorite on the woman’s side. When I first saw her in the first episode she did seem very uptight like everyone else and cynical. However, there was something about her personality that I noticed was a bit different. Seemed more mature… And I knew I liked her for a reason! I felt like she was more mature than others and she grew quite decently. She definitely seems like a good person.

Everyone seemed obsessed with Francesca but she was the one I least liked. The moment she first showed up I was like wow she’s so artificial it just made her so unattractive. But, it seemed like everyone loved the artificial one. Her personality wasn’t even very good. It was quite toxic. And I don’t get the obsession over Harry… that guy was so immature. *Big eye roll*

Also I felt like $100,000 wasn’t a lot of money to win nowadays. The episodes did keep me intrigued and wanting to know more. I like the whole concept of Lana that was pretty cool. And I don’t get why it was so freaking hard not to have sex or do anything sexual! Goodness gracious if it comes to money I will be celibate for years!!!!!! Most time they acted like big babies but a lot of them did grow and learn which was great! Hopefully they keep what they learned and get even better now they left the show.

My biggest complaint about the show besides all of their selfish and just mind-blowing ditzy personalities. Was the fact that they missed used sunscreen so much!I was literally screaming at my phone! Putting on sunscreen outside in the sun is pointless! Chemical sunscreens need to be put on at least 30 minutes before you go outside! Mineral sunscreens are about 15 to 20 minutes before you go outside! If you want proper protection do it right!!! But why would I expect them to understand what proper protection is? Makes me laugh…

If you like over-dramatic and just kind of ridiculous reality shows you’re going to definitely like this show. It actually was kind of funny a lot of times. But it’s definitely not going to make me want to start watching reality shows again. Because they are ridiculous… However, I did enjoy binge watching this show. Though I do kind of wish I had my time back… Heh anyway I need to go to sleep.

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