Australian gold sunscreen review!

Sunscreen review! Australian Gold Botanical Mineral Sunscreen Lotion – SPF 50

Sadly growing up I didn’t use sunscreen and in my early twenties. I didn’t start getting real serious into my skincare until it was in my middle 20s. I regret that! But, I learned that sunscreen is most important! I love trying out new sunscreens especially mineral sunscreens that leave no white cast and matte down. I have oily skin so I’m always looking for something that won’t make me look greasy.

The Australian Gold® Botanical SPF 50 Mineral Lotion sunscreen protection ingredients are Titanium Dioxide (4%), and Zinc Oxide (4%)! So it’s providing great protection. It’s also waterproof! Also great highlights: Hypoallergenic, paraben Free, PABA Free, phthalate Free, petrolatum Free, SLS (Sulfate) Free, alcohol Free, dye Free, BPA Free! Clean beauty and cruelty free. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants! It’s tinted! I’ve never owned a tinted sunscreen before and I was a bit worried about it but I don’t really notice it. Great because I’m very pale and I don’t like to wear makeup so I was glad it doesn’t make a difference.

It has some notable ingredients like Panthenol, Squalane, and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)! All very good for the skin.
I’m not 100% sure but I do believe this sunscreen is reef friendly. I think it’s a great price for only $10! There’s a lot in the tube and the packaging is quite cute. It rubs in well and quickly absorbs. At first it’s a tad bit wet on the skin. Kind of like a moisturizer and then absorbs and mattes down some. I wish it was more matte but it’s pretty great! After a while my oil starts to seep through but that’s expected. My skin’s just very oily. I think it’s great sun protection with excellent water resistance. I’m definitely going to test this out with tennis. There is fragrances in it but I don’t really notice it. A great price, great ingredients, with no white cast at all!! This is definitely become one of my favorite sunscreens!

Click here for more information or to purchase the product!

*I am not sponsored by this company! Nor do I make any money if you click this link.

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