Extraction movie review!

A black-market mercenary who has nothing to lose is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. But in the murky underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, an already deadly mission approaches the impossible.”

Extraction is a movie just released on Netflix today! Starring the one and only Thor! I have to say these Netflix movies are very good. I’ve been very impressed with the ones I’ve watched recently. Great actors and great acting and beautiful filming. Even the stories are pretty top-notch! Of course they’re never going to replace the in theater movies feeling but that’s okay because nothing like staying home and watching a good movie.

Onto the review! This movie starts out with Chris Hemsworth on a bridge a bloodied up looking pretty messed up. Then we get a flash backwards of how he ended up on the bridge. Starting with a kid getting kidnapped. The story is pretty fast moving but at a pace that is acceptable. There’s not many characters in this movie that you have to get to know which is fine. Hemsworth’s character is a bit complex and haunted by a past that we don’t quite understand until the middle of the movie. The haunted past is kind of cliche so nothing new about that.

The kid and him go through a lot of chaos through this movie. I love the blood and fighting scenes. They put a lot of work into making them look real! Also the camera work was pretty good. You have the camera basically following him throughout all of his movements and moving with the character instead of showing the character move. I appreciate that kind of work. I think it’s probably more difficult to film that way because the camera is moving in front of the actor as they film. However, it looks pretty damn cool!

I liked how it seemed that every character somehow developed in the movie. That one kid though that kept trying to cut his finger off he was kind of wack but well played. I did have an issue with the sound though. I’m not sure if it’s our TV or what but it seemed like the voices were extremely quiet and all the action sequence were so damn loud that it hurt my ears. It was quite frustrating trying to turn the volume up and down over and over. But I think that might be a problem on my end. I think that the story flowed very well though it kind of had a cliche obvious ending.

But, despite the ‘I knew it was coming ending’ I did enjoy this action pack movie. It has everything you want in an action movie and you’re definitely going to enjoy it. At the very end there’s kind of a twist that I kind of saw coming too… as I said there’s a lot of cliches in this movie. Which doesn’t make a bad movie it’s just sometimes you kind of want to see new things.

I definitely enjoyed this movie and would highly recommend watching it. It’s definitely one of the higher production movies I’ve seen so far with Netflix. A lot of action sequences and suspense. Netflix is definitely holding its own when it comes to movies and shows! I definitely applaud them! They’re doing a great job. So go watch the Extraction now on Netflix!

Spoiler alert don’t read this unless you don’t care:

obviously they left it up to the viewer to say if he was alive or not. But since he got shot in the neck… I’m assuming he’s alive. plus I said if it gets in a lot of views they’ll do a sequel. But I’m like come on it’s Chris Hemsworth! Of course people are going to watch it. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

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