Love is Blind review

My Love is Blind review.

Ok, I binged watch this show when it first came out. So my review is a bit late but it’s okay. By the way there’s major spoilers in this post.

Honestly I started watching this show to make fun of it. I’m not someone who actively watches reality shows. The only reality show I ever really kind of got into was teen Mom and it’s been years since I watched that. But, I did find the show to be interesting. Trying to figure out if love is truly blind. I like that idea and it could have worked if they had actually used a range of different types of people!

You cannot say you prove love is blind when you put in just hot ass model looking people on a show and nobody else. You need a range between 1s and 10s in order to figure out if love is really blind!! Like, damn let’s say GiGi walked out onto that red carpet to meet Damian and instead meeting that hot hunk she came face to face with 4 ft two Quasimodo? That bitch woulda went crying running in the streets LOOOOONG before her wedding day.

So, no they did NOT prove love is blind. You need a different range from just natural kind of good-looking, to gorgeous, to model types, to people like me who are in the range of “well you have a great personality.”. Otherwise, the question is love blind? Is still unanswered…

I do feel like some of the episodes felt pretty rushed. I would have liked to have spent more time with the characters in their little pods. Getting to know one another… because I don’t feel like they spent enough time for us to get to know people. I also don’t see anyone really falling in love like that. Just doesn’t make sense to me… at least I wouldn’t be able to. And then the vacation in Mexico? Wherever the hell it was. That was interesting when everybody met and they’re just talking about how we all dated and I’m just kind of like y’all really didn’t date per say…. Like… Nah man… Nah why y’all trying make this something it isn’t??? Haha.

I do think it was filmed well though. I find it funny that Nick and his wife only appeared every now and then. And their speeches were so scripted it was cringe-worthy. Ok On to…. Drum roll please…. My thoughts on the people.

Let’s just get Lauren and Cameron out of the way. I love them from the very beginning and I was rooting for them and I honestly kept watching for them. This is the first reality show where I felt invested and actually enjoyed. I think they connected on a very deep level compared to everyone else obviously. And I think it’s awesome that they’re still married! I’m still rooting for them and they’re beautiful love!!!

Gigi and Damian: Gigi is a loon. Always trying to come up with reason to start a fight. Anything Damien would say she would over analyze and just try to figure out a way to turn it into a fight. It was so immature!! She was very mean to, like that sex comment? Holy shit!!! Gal “why U do that??” So mean!! I am not surprised he said no in the end because DAYYYYUMMM she needs to grow up. It is interesting they are still together now. Hopefully she has grown more because they do make a cute couple.

Kelly and Kenny: I honestly hardly remember these guys. They were so boring and had nothing going for them at all. Kenny was a great guy and even Kelly’s mom loved him! Honestly I think she just stayed with him just so she could stay with the show. She was not a nice person. But in the end Kenny was the winner and found someone better. That’s all I got to say about them because honestly I don’t really remember them at all. 😂

Diamond and Carlton: Yikes. I felt they could have been something. But, both of them needed to take a step back and breathe and stop taking things so defensively.

Crazy and Barnett: ok, Amber is batshit crazy and gonna ruin that poor mans credit. She admitted to having a lot of debt and not paying her credit cards and he still married her? Come on… The hatch can’t be that good… Maybe she is more mature than what they showed on the show but man he going to be wrecked by her… Also why were all the girls so obsessed with Barnett? Yeah he’s attractive but Cameron was better.

Drunk and Mark: If anyone is blind it’s Mark. How the hell did he ever think Jessica was into him? She only came back to him because Barnett denied her!! Mark is sooo oblivious that it hurts! And also why does she act like he was unattractive??? Mark was a good looking guy. Jessica is just an insane person who needs to put the wine glass down and needs her dog taken away. ALSO CAN SOMEONE PLEASE RIP OUT HER VOCAL CORDS! WHHHY DID SHE TALK LIKE THAT?!?!? AND HOW DID HE FIND THAT SEXY???? I feel like anytime Mark got close to her she freaked out. And the age gap OH MY GOSH. IT ISN’T THAT BAD! She was always causing the problems. But, let’s be honest she only stayed with Mark to try to get back with Barnett. I mean damn when they had that get together she was so thirsty for Barnett I thought the show was bout to become ‘Save Barnett.” Jessica is a damn mess and has a lot to growing up to do. And Mark? DOOO have a eyes transplant because you are so blind. Like it’s okay if she wasn’t attracted to him but leading him on like that? When she always knew in the end she was going to say no. That’s twisted.

So, the Reunion of the show was pretty hilarious. Only because of Amber ripping into Jessica in front of everybody! You know Jessica was so embarrassed! And then Barnett’s face was like oh my God shut up AMBER! You can tell Amber is a drama-filled person who lives on drama. Which is annoying. But everything she said about Jessica was spot-on.

The show was kind of a train wreck and seemed to go by very quickly. I’m honestly interested in season 2. Maybe they’ll do it right next time and actually choose a wide range of different looking people. I definitely recommend this show if you’re bored and you really want to binge watch something. But, if you want to save some brain cells skip it.

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