Spoiler alert! Here’s my review on the updated pet cemetery by Stephen King.


Speaking of Stephen King I know he’s pretty great at coming up with horror stories. But I don’t like his books. I love anything horror and so I decided to try his books out since I loved the adaptations of his books into television and movies. I started with misery and I personally liked it because I love the movie however sometimes it was hard to follow. He can come up with good stories but the execution of them is not good.  Sometimes  wonder how he so popular. Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings… it’s okay not to like someone’s writing style. I’m definitely not perfect at all! But, I thought that his writing style was just very difficult to follow sometimes. But, he does have great stories! That’s why I love the movies and television shows.

Okay enough rambling on! I never watched the original pet cemetery at least I don’t remember maybe I did not sure…. Hmm anyways that’s not important. The newest pet cemetery was honestly boring. I hardly even remember what happened in the movie because I barely paid attention. I think the actors did a great job and even the kid actors were really good. I think it was filmed well and I like the dark sinister colors of the movie. Yet, it was lacking in actual storytelling. Was the original this boring? The whole premise of the story was pretty cool… you know some crazy cursed cemetery that brings things back. That’s awesome!

But I didn’t find this movie scary in any way. Now I will say it’s very hard for me to find anything scary! There was nothing about this movie that gave me that edge of my seat feeling. Nothing made my skin crawl. It just was such a drag! The only part that I was kind of glued to the screen was whenever that 18-wheeler almost creamed both the kids!! Also there is no damn way that that girl wouldn’t have just exploded across the road! Her body was perfect after she got hit by an 18-wheeler that was going over 65 mph? Bullshit! The bullshit alarm is going off!

The one thing this movie was a lie about was that cat. Trying to make it all evil after it was brought back from the dead. Excuse me? That’s how all cats are in real life! Don’t try to lie.

ALSO FOR A MOVIE CALLED PET SEMATARY! THERE WAS ONLY ONE PET! ONE DAMN PET! AND IT WASN’T EVEN A DOG! I thought we were going to see a bunch of dead pets coming after these people and just destroying the town. I would have preferred that.

This movie was such a yawn and I finally made it to the end and what do you know?? A cliche ending of everyone dying and joining the dead. Don’t get me wrong I love when the bad guys win in the end but I don’t know it just felt kind of annoying in this movie.

We find the new dead family going to the last living family member… obviously going to kill him. Though I swear I saw a gas tank in the dad’s hand before he went to the car? Can’t really remember… don’t really care… But are they actually going to burn that kid in the car? Like his body is going to be all crispy and just disgusting when he comes back. Very confusing…

I feel like this movie could have been something exciting and very dark and scary. If it had been executed properly and the story just better. I don’t know if this is how the story is in the book but if it is maybe it’s better reading it? Because on screen was just not great. I definitely wouldn’t watch it again. What I recommend it? Sure why not… one viewing is not going to hurt you.

now I want to watch the original pet sematary. I think I may have watched it or I’m mixing it up with some other sci-fi movie. It can’t be this boring…