Kill me please (but not really). So, I just FINISHED The Wrong Missy. A Netflix movie that came out yesterday. I normally don’t watch rom-coms because honestly I’m not really that much into comedy. Unless it’s always sunny in Philadelphia or it has Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell together in it. I love them as a duo! Especially Mark *wink wink* anyways I saw this on front page of Netflix and decided why the hell not? I need to try new things.

So here is my ‘spoiler alert’ review of The Wrong Missy. I went into this movie with no expectations. I figured it wasn’t going to be the best movie ever but hoped it would be enjoyable. David Spade is the main character and it seems a lot of people don’t like him and I am unsure of why. He isn’t a bad actor, actually I found him to be pretty good in this film. Adam Sandler was one of the movies producer’s so I wasn’t shocked by some of the annoying/gross humor. It had a lot of well known actors in it and faces I have seen in other Adam Sandler movies. Even HURLEY FROM LOST!!

So, my first review is about the actors. All gave a good try and believable performances! The only one over-the-top was Lauren Lapkus character Missy. GOD I HATED HER! But that wasn’t the actress’s fault. She actually did a great job with giving the most annoying character ever. But, more on that later.

The start of the film was promising for me. Crazy date he runs from and then running into his soul mate at the air-port. I went into this movie not knowing the storyline. Just saw it and clicked. So, my first impression was, “Oh. He met his perfect girl and is going to try to win her over. Okay, cool.” A storyline I have seen many times but decided to keep with it. Then we get to the real storyline and UGHHHH


When he texts the wrong Missy annoy shows up on the PLANE. The crazy girl he went on a date with. A narcissistic borderline psychopath. She literally has no respect for anyone else or any kind of intelligence of her disrespect and just complete unruly behavior. It is clear our main character is completely repulsed by her and with good means. She’s insane and so damn annoying. She almost ruins his weekend with The company he’s worked with for 20 years. Which by the way he seems quiet content there so understandable how annoyed he was with her.

Her sexual jokes did not land with me. I don’t mind sexual jokes, hell I like to make them myself. But hers? They were just made at unnecessary times and just so annoying. Perhaps I found them annoying because I absolutely despised her aka Missy.

Before I get into why I really hate her. I will say that I did kind of like the movie at first but ended up hating it. There were quite a lot of funny parts in the movie but not enough to keep my attention. Because once I figure out where the storyline was going I immediately started despising the movie. It was going to be one of those typical oh I want the hot girl but I fall in love with the weird friend movie. Except the friend is a complete disrespectful, maniac, annoying as shit person. I was really hoping for a crazy twist with him ending up with the other Missy… who was actually a perfect match for him. But no! They did something so unrealistic. Because if this was real life he would have fucked out of that situation so quickly.

But the movie became a cliche and every now and then a cliche is not bad. But damn you could at least give us a more realistic cliche. If you hadn’t made her so over the top and unbelievable then maybe just maybe it would have been okay.

She is so aggravating it is unbelievable. So unware of how her behavior is affecting him and others around. Either she’s really that clueless or she just really doesn’t give a damn. Either way it makes her a bad person. Of course throughout the film he’s slowly falling for her except I don’t think he’s falling for her at all! It’s Stockholm syndrome. Because there’s no damn way he would fall for her it is so unrealistic. There’s a few times where she’s normal and bearable. But then she goes right back to being crazy and I don’t mean crazy in a good way. I mean bat shit this girl needs to be in the nut house.

Then she finds out about the other Missy and gets all upset and leaves. The real Missy pops up and I’m so excited! I love her. They have so much in common and they work well together. I’m like well here’s the twist! He ends up with the right one! Of course I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Too good to be true. He EVEN points our how the REAL MISSY IS PERFECT and how they have a lot in common. But admits to falling in love with someone he flat out calls borderline psychopath!! Nothing! NOTHING makes me believe that guy would fall for her. In real life he would’ve gotten her a different hotel room or told her the truth FLAT OUT. He was worried she would kill herself but that wouldn’t be on him.

So he rejects the good Missy… THE PERFECT MISSY. And goes to try and win back annoy. Of course they get back together and live happily ever after. YEAH RIGHT. THIS GUY QUIT his Job for HERRRR!!! WHAT?!? NO sane person would quit his job for some batshit person. A job he clearly liked and was at for 20 years!!! No one would risk that. Because when he goes to get another job they’re going to ask why did you just up and leave your job? And he’s going to be like oh you know for a girl. That is so immature and ridiculous and unhealthy! No. No. NOOOO.

The movie had promise. Interesting characters and a good cast. Even the freaking disaster of a Missy is a good actress. But, the movie was a shit show. Yes, some of the jokes were pretty funny.. Great sceneries and pretty good storyline that was easy to follow. Yet, lot of the jokes manly the ones Coming from Missy were absolutely atrocious. They fell short and didn’t land. She was WAY to over the top and made it hard to believe anyone would be that way. I found it really difficult to continue watching during the middle of the movie when I realized where it was going. I get it, it’s just supposed to be a hilarious film to just kinda sit back and laugh at but MAN I kept having to pause the movie to complain about it.

I was angry because I actually was enjoying it. When he ended up with her I was just so damn mad. I wasted an hour and half on this mess.

This woman was not a good woman in so many ways but one of the main reasons that she’s a bad person is because she’s a molester and a rapist. I get people wanna make rape jokes whatever that’s fine… Sure. But the fact that she kept grabbing him and even raped him at one point! I don’t give a fuck if they were both kind of messed up from drugs or alcohol, it was wrong. I don’t even CARE if he was hard. IT WAS RAPE! IF THE ROLLS WERE REVERSED AND SHE WOKE UP WITH HIM SCREWING HER HOLY SHIT!!! Be whole OTHER STORY!

But, no. Somehow guys being raped or molested has become a joke and it’s ridiculous and needs to stop. It is 2020 and men need to be taken seriously when it comes to this awful things. I know it was just a movie and it was just supposed to be funny but it’s not funny. He woke up with her on top of him and he clearly didn’t like her. But a rape is a rape. And it’s not funny. You can make your jokes on your stand-up comedy shows but I hate when I see a movie where they allow the woman to grab men or grope them or go down on them or anyway rape them and people just laugh and pretend it’s okay. It’s not okay!  Like, I really liked the horrible bosses movie until they’re showing Jennifer Anderson’s character constantly trying to rape Charlie. They constantly laugh and make fun of him about it. But it’s rape and it’s disturbing that it’s not taken serious.

It makes people think it’s okay to laugh at men who’ve been in situations like this. Men are afraid to talk and step up about sexual abuse or assault or rape because things like this. They’re made fun of, belittle, push down, told that they’re not a real man. It’s pathetic and it’s the reason why suicide rate is so high in men. Because they are afraid to show their true feelings and to show that something truly upset them.

If you’re a guy don’t be afraid to stand up and speak up! You have rights and you deserve to be heard! Don’t be afraid to reach out because there are people who do care. People who are out there wanting to listen and to try to help the best that they can. You may say that I just need to get over it and it’s just a movie and yeah I get it, it is just a movie. Stupid movie. But the fact is this is reality! People do not take men’s sexual assault serious and we need to change that! Things like this don’t help it.

Rape is never okay! No matter the Circumstances! I believe in men’s rights and I believe we need to fight for them more so that they aren’t afraid to speak up when they’re hurt.

Anyway… BACK TO THE MOVIE! I was enjoying the movie at first. But in the end it was just a disaster and a train wreck. The Missy character was the worst.  She’s a very disrespectful person plus a predator. No one in their right mind would have picked her over the other Missy!!

This post is more of a ramble than a review. I know my reviews don’t go in depth with the movie and all the structure around it. But you know what I just use this platform to ramble with my thoughts. You either enjoy it or you don’t either way I hope you have a wonderful day!