The Dawn Of Oblivion!

You’ve probably heard that I’ve been working on a novel called The Dawn of Oblivion. It’s a sci-fi, action, and suspenseful novel. It’s in a world that is drowned in chaos and death. It follows a woman named Amaya as she tries to figure out how to save a small group of people. I wrote this novel in just a couple of weeks! I was quite proud of myself and I absolutely love the story and love the characters.

However, I really want to send some of my stuff to a publisher. And I found this one publisher that takes manuscripts without you having to have an agent. Which is great! Of course that doesn’t mean that you’ll be published by them or they’ll even read what you send. Nevertheless, I really want something to be sent to someone. I had to add in another 30,000 words to this novel to match their word count. I finally finished that a couple of days ago and I’m so happy!

It still has a long way to go because I still need to go through it and work on the first draft. I won’t send it until I feel it is ready. Which means a lot of rewriting and editing. I am excited but I don’t have any expectations. It is VERY hard for people to get noticed by publishers. If it doesn’t get picked then that’s okay. A rejection does not mean your book is not worthy. Not everyone has the same taste and that is ok! You can try again!

Though I may just self-publish it depending on how I feel if I do get rejections. Because I love this book and really can’t wait for others to read it.

Another update: I almost finished rewriting the first book of Amour. I feel it is so much better now. Not that it was bad before but it needed some fixing. Want to use my new voice. Once I finish with that I will go through it again and polish it up then start on Ashes of Amour! Hopefully by time I finish those two the third book, The Flames of Amour will be finished too. I would like to release them all at the same time.

I do wish I had more to offer right now but that is okay. I am taking my time with writing. I have a new voice I want to use and I want to make sure that I do things right. I think I have good story ideas and what I’ve written before was fine but I like changing things. Nothing wrong with that. So someday soon you will be able to have Amour again and read about all the zombies.

Anyways, just wanted to update! I am writing! Thanks for anyone who reads these things.

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