It is quite a hot July day! I wouldn’t expect any less from Texas. I just wanted to write a blog post since I haven’t in a while. I’m not really the greatest blogger and I honestly forget about it. Yet, all the writer forms say that it’s great to have your own website and a blog. But I wonder why? Most people contact each other on Instagram or Facebook. That’s what people like to look at and I feel a website is only really good if you have a lot to offer. Which right now I don’t. Someday but not currently… Though I am trying to work at this!

I’m currently going through the embers of amour after my rewrite of it. I’m really excited about it and I love what I’ve done with it. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years about writing and what to do and how to go about things. The road wasn’t easy but I do think that I finally gotten to a point where I’m comfortable with doing things. I love my stories and I really want others to enjoy them too. I may never be a bestseller but writing is my passion and I’m going to continue to do it. No matter what.

Once I’m finished editing that one I’m going to start working on the second one. Which I haven’t touched in a long time but that’s okay! I’m glad to be able to rewrite on it in a new voice. And then I’ll get a professional editor to work on both. I want to re-release book one and book two together. I’ll probably have a new cover and everything for it and then I’ll be able to truly work on the third one. Which I had already finished it completely but I felt I needed a new voice for it. I’m proud of what I’ve written before, yes it wasn’t  perfect, but it was fine. I just really enjoy my new voice.

I am working on the Dawn of Oblivion but I’d like to send that to a real publisher. I’m taking my time with everything and even though I’m anxious and really want things out there so people can read. I know it’s important to be patient and focus on making things better. I also have tons of other titles I’m working on! It’s so hard not being able to focus sometimes. I just have so many ideas and I just want them all out that I end up not doing anything. Yet, I’m trying to put a system in place where I’m only focusing on two things at a time.

I’ll still try to write little summaries and little short things here and there to keep my mind from going too crazy. But right now I’m just focusing on two things until I’m finished with that. I hope someday to see my books in a store! Maybe someday it’ll happen and that’ll be wonderful. You can only hope and try to dream!

Also don’t forget to wear your mask! Outside your house and yard.