I know I haven’t been very active with posting anything. And I don’t have any books up for sale at the moment. However, I am working on my writing. If you didn’t know, I actually took down all my work. It isn’t that I did not think it was good enough. I love my work but I know I could have done it better. So I decided to rewrite everything because frankly I needed an update and I have a better writing voice now. I finished rewriting the first book in the Amour series; The Embers of Amour. Now I’m currently looking for editors but it’ll be a while before I re-release it.

I’m now working on the second book in the series; The Ashes of Amour. Once I’m done with that I’ll get an editor for it too. I have decided I’ll put both of them in the same book just in parts. So it will be easier to purchase. I’ll have a special new cover for it too. I had already finished writing the third book; The Flames of Amour. However, I want to write that one in a different voice as well. I haven’t really been working on it that much because I’ve been working on the other two. However the whole story is complete. I just need to rewrite it. I was thinking about maybe doing a whole special edition where I have one book with all three books in it. But I’m not sure about that.

I know the first two will be in the same book, just different parts. I’m excited with my new writing voice and how everything’s coming out. I do wish I had things out for people to look at and read. However, sometimes it’s better to just take time and let things flow naturally. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years and forcing things just doesn’t work. That’s okay! We all have to start somewhere. I also am still going through my Oblivion book. Which eventually I’m going to try to send to a publisher. No expectations on it or anything like that. But I really love the story! I’ll just self-publish it if it doesn’t get picked up.

I’ll probably never become a best-selling Author and that’s okay. As long as a few people enjoy my writing, that’s all that matters. Plus, I truly write for myself most of the time. I love creating new worlds especially ones during the apocalypse. I always come up with new stories about the end of the world. Some of my favorite kind of stories. I’m trying to write normal stories or like new genres but that’s so difficult. If it’s not about the end of the world or monsters, it’s really hard to write. But someday I’ll get it down.

Anyway, I just wanted to update. I’m still around! Just silently writing in the background, hoping to be able to republish soon. Just taking my time. Thank you to anyone who’s still sticking around and who still cares. I really appreciate it.