Souille coming soon!


As her world collapses, the hunt begins.

“Caught in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane, Natalie’s life is thrown into chaos as her hometown is left in ruins. Isolated and with rapidly dwindling supplies, she struggles to survive long enough to make it to safety.
But there are far bigger dangers stalking her flooded town. After a terrifying run-in with strange monsters, Natalie is forced to fight for her life as she tries to escape the chaotic disaster.

After stumbling into another survivor, Natalie must decide who she can trust – and who she’ll have to leave behind. With time running out and no help on the horizon, the few remaining survivors will be forced to do whatever it takes to survive… no matter the cost.

Can Natalie stay one step ahead of whatever terrors are hunting her? Or will she end up like the rest of her town?”

Super excited for everyone to read this. I wrote it in about a week and a half. I’ve been working on editing it and getting it properly worked on. It’s a short novel barely 30,000 words. It is sci-fi of course! I know I haven’t really been doing much with my writing online but I promise I have been writing. I kind of keep getting writers blocked but my passion is still to write. Just starting off slow and trying to make sure that I do things properly. I want to be careful about things. But I really enjoy this story I’m hoping that others will too! I will eventually repost my Amour novels! They are just taking time rewriting. I am excited for my new story and I believe if you’re into sci-fi you’re definitely going to like it. 😊

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